Community Animal Health Workers

Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) are young people who provide farmers with health and production support for their livestock. This creates work opportunities for young people in agriculture and helps women-headed household owners of stock to improve their productivity.

Types of CAHWs Animal health paravets Supplementary feed production (blocks and winter feed) Leather processing Agrivet shops and cold chains Sales Purpose of a CAHW programme A CAHW is a specially trained local community member who helps farmers to raise healthy animals to maximise their benefits. CAHWs have a wide range of tasks to perform, like providing basic preventive health care, training and advisory services. Through regular household visits, they provide a critical link between farmers, livestock associations, local government offices and state vets. The primary purpose of a CAHW programme is to help prevent animal mortality and disease outbreak while increasing productivity and support market linkages such as sales.

A best practice guideline for using CAHWs in livestock systems

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