Innovation Platforms

In 2016, the Goat Agribusiness Project (GAP) set up Innovation Platforms for the Indigenous Goat Value Chain in South Africa.
In recent years, innovation platforms (IPs) have become increasingly prevalent in the agricultural development arena to bring together value chain actors for the purpose of creating linkages, surfacing and discussing issues, defining possible solutions and creating research agendas, coordination of activities, disseminating research, streamlining and improving the value chain process, amongst other things.
With the goat value chain in South Africa being underdeveloped and few formal horizontal or vertical linkages existing, GAP has been facilitating IPs for almost 8 years now with the goal of building relationships and providing a useful forum among the value chain actors in favour of rural, smallholder farmers. While innovation platforms are not new, there is no record of any IPs related to goat value chains in South Africa to date.

Minutes from 2016 Innovation Platform Launch


Coccidiosis Innovation Platform October 2023

Youth Agribusiness Innovation Platform September 2023

Invasive Plants Innovation Platform June 2023


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Goat dip tank construction

For dipping goats in higher numbers, here is an example of an innovation from Ncunjane, KZN area that has been tested and rolled out across the project. 

20 kid and 100 kid enclosure construction

GAP has been working on a variety of kid feeding enclosures. In these kids are feed for the first 3 months after birth and this reduces mortality by up to 60%. 

Click on the images below for information and instructions on making goat energy blocks

Goat energy block- English

During late pregnancy, nursing, weaning and in droughts, nutritional stress can cause death and abortions. These energy blocks can be made at home to carry goats through this time.

Goat energy block- Zulu

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 Posters in Zulu showing the the disease or parasite in goats and the medicine to treat it

Goat Agribusiness poster and brochure describing the project and its activities