Community Animal health workers


Community Animal Health Workers

Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) are young people who will support farmers in health and production support of their livestock. This will create work opportunities for young people in agriculture and help women headed household owners of stock improve their productivity.

Types of CAHWs

  • Animal Health Paravets
  • Supplementary Feed Production (blocks and winter feed)
  • Leather Processing
  • Agrihubs and Cold Chains


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CAHW best practice guide based on experiences setting up and running CAHW in Msinga since 2010

CAHW best practice guide 2015.pdfCAHW best practice guide 2015.pdf
Size : 546.43 Kb 
Type : pdf

This document records all the trainings each CAHW has undergone and the practicals linked to it

training sheet.pdftraining sheet.pdf
Size : 267.339 Kb 
Type : pdf

A livestock cencus form to be used to get a baseline of livestock and practices around livestock in the area the CAHW will be working in

Copy of Census form.xlsxCopy of Census form.xlsx
Size : 11.738 Kb 
Type : xlsx

Livestock Census field form A3 english.pdfLivestock Census field form A3 english.pdf
Size : 232.839 Kb 
Type : pdf

A document that the CAHW fills in to log any treatments he has  done in the field -this helps track practice, medicine stock control  and quality of service

CAHW treatment form.pdfCAHW treatment form.pdf
Size : 250.771 Kb 
Type : pdf

A document on international experience of CAHW programs, as well as thoughts on training CAHW

Size : 889.413 Kb 
Type : pdf


Other forms

CAHW Job Description

Enclosure Monitoring Form